The Ann Arbor Open Coordinating Council (AAOCC) is Ann Arbor Open's PTSO.  The purpose of the AAOCC is to provide support for and further the educational goals of Ann Arbor Open School; to encourage cooperation and communication among all people connected with the school (students, parents, staff, administrators, and the community) and to assure shared decision-making on the formation and implementation of program policy.


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Elected Officers

Val Benka Co-Chair - Communications 2024-2026

Jenn Lyssiotis Co-Chair - Fundraising 2023-2025

Sam Marcus Treasurer 2024-2026

Leah Marcus Secretary 2023-2025

Contact us: execboard (at) aaopencc.org | cochairs (at) aaopencc.org | Full Council Directory


Coordinating Council Directory 

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