Family FAQs

This collection of frequently asked questions was developed by Open parents to help new and continuing families. And it is actively being updated as we get to know our new principal in this new year of Open!

If you have any corrections or questions about these FAQs, please reach out to our co-chairs!

Family Involvement > Families and the AAOCC, volunteering, fundraising, etc. 

Annual Events > A detailed overview of the events that are usually held each year at AAO.

First Week of School > Helpful tips to get ready for the start of a great year.

Logistics > Getting to & from school, tardies & absences, etc.

Drop Off & Parking > How to navigate the school parking lots.

During the Day > Sick policy, allergy policy, medicines, lunch, visiting classrooms, etc. 

In the Classroom > Curricular issues such as open philosophy, specials, focus studies, field trips, etc. 

AAPS Parent Groups > Parent affinity groups and associations within the AAPS district. Not affiliated with AAOCC.