Ann Arbor Open Coordinating Council

We are the Parent, Teacher & Student Organization at Ann Arbor Open!

Event Spotlight

Staff Appreciation Week: May 8 - 12

A week-long lineup of gratitude and caring for our teachers!

Spring Gear Swap: May 20, 12pm - 3pm

Spring Gear and Wheels Swap + Free Yoga + Bike tune-ups! + Trunk Swaps

AAOCC calendar

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Whether you are new to Ann Arbor Open School or still exploring what Open has to offer, you can review our FAQs to learn about annual events, family involvement, and daily logistics to prepare for a great year ahead.

Fundraising & Donations

What do classroom field trips, school-wide events, yearbooks, and family contributions all have in common? FIFUN!
FiFun (Finance and Fundraising Committee) manages AAOCC spending to further the educational goals of the school.

Committees & Operations

Find what you need to connect and collaborate with the members of our committees or classrooms about AAOCC business.