March 23-April 2: Focus Studies 

April 16: FiFun meeting, 7pm

April 19-25: Shop at the PTO Thrift Shop for show your support week to benefit Open's Poet in Residence

April 22: AAOCC Monthly Meeting, 7-8:30p

April 24: Babysitting night to benefit Leslie's class, for info: Susan Johnson-Jaworski, ajaworsk@yahoo.com.

May 3: Burns Park Fun Run, all Open School registrants can designate $10 of their fee to go back to the AAOCC (our PTSO), click here: Online Registration.

May 5: ELECTION, including vote on school bond proposal

Tuesdays at 7:45am and Fridays at 2:45pm: Scrip sale under the whale. Fundraiser: Mabel's Labels (see below for more details).
  Calling all those interested in a fun way to GET INVOLVED in your child's school: the AAOCC is looking for our next Co-Chair (Fundraising) and Secretary, with terms running from June 2015 to July 2017. Please consider helping out and getting the inside scoop on our school! For more information on what's required, please contact either current Co-Chair Clare Sansburn (aaochair@gmail.com), or current Secretary Kristin Gapske (aaosec@gmail.com).
  PLEASE VOTE May 5!  And help out if you can: the Ann Arbor Citizens Millage Committee (http://www.a2cmc.org) needs one volunteer for each school building to be a coordinator for the brief period between now and the May 5 vote.  This volunteer would help to disseminate information about the May 5, 2015 school bond proposal to our school's community and coordinating the placement of yard signs in our neighborhoods.  Email Lauren Steele at RLSteele@mail.com if interested. Or consider simply helping by passing out flyers or yard signs: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/409054faea722a20-a2cmc.  Also to help inform voters, the District is hosting five community briefings from April 14-30, all starting at 6:30pm. For more information about the proposal and these meetings, please go to: http://www.aaps.k12.mi.us/aaps/2015_millage. The AAOCC has invited a guest from the Citizens Millage Committee to speak at its April 22 meeting and will be considering whether to endorse this bond.

ONGOING FUNDRAISER: Mabel's Labels are great for labeling lunch containers, clothing, shoes, and anything else that our kids are prone to lose. Ann Arbor Open school will earn 20% of every dollar that is spent at Mabel's Labels. Be sure to order through the Ann Arbor Open web address: http://mabelsfundraising.com/f/34408. The fundraiser wil be open year-round. Questions? Contact Elaine Oberlin-Nesbit, oberlin_nesbit@yahoo.com.  
   Please help support AAO’s many educational events by contributing to purchase multi-purpose tables!


In the past, Ann Arbor Open was able to use district tables for events such as Science Fair, Multicultural Fair, Silent Auction and Makers' Fair. The funding for transporting these tables among the schools was cut.  Last year, Kit was able to find some building funds to purchase some tables.  We have discovered, however, that the amount purchased was not enough to meet our many school needs for these tables.  We needed to purchase an additional set of tables, costing the school over $1000.  The tables purchased are high quality and light weight, which means they serve our needs well, and will last a long time. Any amount donated would really help our school so we can have money for these tables without having to sacrifice other educational opportunities for our children.


Please make checks payable to AAOCC (our PTSO), and drop the check and form off in the main office. Remember: AAOCC is a 501©3 nonprofit organization.  Your contribution is 100% tax-deductible.