Submit a Fundraising Idea

Do you have a School-Wide Fundraising Idea? Here’s the procedure.

  1. Review the AAOCC finance guidelines.

  2. Submit a Fundraising Idea form with your idea.

  3. FiFun will discuss the ideas at the next monthly meeting (feel free to attend the meeting to participate in the discussion; email the AAOCC treasurer to be added to the agenda if you would like to present your idea to the committee).

  4. AAOCC treasurer will email the results of the committee discussion – a yes, no or under review decision will be communicated.

  5. If the idea is under review, that means, with some revisions, it’s possible that the idea could be approved. If the revisions are made, the idea will be re-discussed at the next FiFun meeting and then a final vote/decision will be issued and communicated by the treasurer via email after the meeting (unless you are present at the meeting, then you will know the results that day).