How to Run a Fundraiser


Contact the Fundraising Coordinator to discuss plans for the event.

Gather materials on how the fundraiser has been run in the past.

Think through all the components and define a specific plan, key tasks, and outcomes.

Establish a committee, noting the following guidelines: “All committees/projects/events must have a chairperson and enough volunteers with sufficient abilities to complete the tasks. Volunteers may not be paid for their services, but may be reimbursed for expenses and given token gifts of thanks.”

Obtain appropriate permissions (room reservations) from the principal and administrative assistant of the school. Email it to School Principal and the Office Staff to request/reserve space.


If you need to pay for something, make sure that you source the vendors. The guideline states: “Vendors, suppliers and service providers should be chosen by requesting quotes from three or more potential sources. In the case of reoccurring events, vendor selection should be reviewed at a minimum every three years.”

Make sure that there is no conflict of interest with the vendors. The guideline states: “The AAOCC should avoid any conflict of interest, or the appearance of a conflict of interest, between AAOCC activities and members of the AAOCC community (parents, staff, etc.). Using businesses of parents or friends to provide services and/or fundraisers is encouraged, but care should be taken that one parent is not favored over other parents, and that goods or services received are at a fair price. Volunteer committees may not source products or services from businesses of committee members.”

To pay vendors, get an invoice. You then have two options:

  • Get an invoice and complete a AAOCC Check Request (Google Form or PDF) for the AAOCC treasurer to pay the vendor directly

  • Write the check and complete a check request (Google Form or PDF) for reimbursement.


To promote the event:

Create a blurb (50 word description, date, time, location and contact information) and/or a flyer (as a Word doc not PDF).

Send the blurb and/or flyer to the Fundraising Coordinator, who will make sure the information is distributed via:

Post flyers on school entrance doors. For safety purposes, flyers may not obstruct the view through the glass openings.


Request a lock box from the treasurer.

Two people need to manage the box at all times.

Fill out a deposit slip at the end.

Two people need to count the cash and initial the deposit form to ensure accuracy.

Turn in the lock box to the treasurer at the end of the event.


Did I manage all the logistics?

Did I utilize all promotional options?

Are my money handling systems in place and according to FIFUN’s guidelines?


Write up the steps you took to run the fundraiser.

Note any recommendations for running the fundraiser next time.

Complete the AAOCC Post-Fundraiser Report.