Grant Program

The AAOCC Grant Program is accepting proposals for the 2022-23 school year. Any AAO community member may apply.

What is the Grant Program?

  • Allows any AAO community member to propose or develop projects which further the goals of AAO.

  • Funds projects that arise mid-year after the annual budget process.

  • Provides funding options for part-time staff and those without a classroom/restricted account.

  • Provides funding for activities and supplies to implement these projects.

How is this different from “Staff Grants”?

  • The former “Staff Grants” program has been rolled into this larger Grant Program. Staff members are encouraged to use their classroom/restricted accounts to pay for incidental, day-to-day expenses and supplies.

  • Staff requests up to $100/FTE will be approved automatically with a completed Check Request Form and receipts/documentation ONLY if received by (DATE TBA).

  • Staff requests filed after (DATE TBA) or for more than $100/FTE require a completed Grant Request Form and will be reviewed using the same criteria as other requests.

What is the Application Process?

  • Any staff member, parent/guardian, or student of the Ann Arbor Open Community may apply by completing the Grant Request Form.

  • Staff requesting up to $100 by (DATE TBA) only need to complete a Check Request Form (Google Form or PDF).

  • Requested funds are not guaranteed. FiFun will decide whether to approve, deny, approve a modified version, or defer each request. Applicants may appeal the decision to the Treasurer.

  • Grant requests will be reviewed at least 3 times per year; at the October, January, and March FiFun Meetings. Applicants are welcome to attend.

  • Funds will be distributed from the Grant Program fund throughout the year. A large request made at the beginning of the school year may be deferred until later in effort to not exhaust the fund early on.

  • It takes about 4-6 weeks from the time a request is submitted until a decision is made. Please submit requests as early as possible to allow the committee to review all the information.

  • If approved, a separate Check Request Form will be required for distribution of funds.

What are the Criteria Used for Funding Decisions?

  • All projects and programs MUST:

    • Support the educational goals, philosophy, mission and values of AAO. Priority will be given to requests that will benefit the entire AAO community.

    • Have a chairperson.

    • Be manageable by AAO volunteers.

    • Have enough volunteers with sufficient abilities to complete needed tasks.

  • For staff requests over $100:

    • Priority will be given to staff members without classroom/restricted accounts or with limited funds in those accounts.

    • Include quotes from two or more potential sources, if possible.

  • The AAOCC strongly encourages the use of AAO community & locally-owned businesses. However, to avoid any conflict of interest, or appearance of a conflict:

    • Care should be taken that one community member is not favored over others.

    • Goods or services should be received at a fair price.

    • Do not source products or services from businesses of committee members or their families.