Fundraising Policies

AAOCC Finance Guidelines

Fundraising Policies/Rules:

Important information to know about fundraising at Ann Arbor Open

There are two types of fundraisers – classroom fundraisers which are independent of the AAOCC and school-wide fundraisers.

School-wide fundraisers are planned in July for the upcoming school year. Any new fundraising ideas will be reviewed but are unlikely to be implemented until the following school year.

The AAOCC is a 501c3, which means that there are some strict rules we must follow in terms of school-wide fundraising in order to not threaten our non-profit status.

  • All fundraisers may not have any conflict of interest (specifically benefiting an individual family business or for-profit venture).

  • All fundraising events should be fun and/or educational in addition to raising money, and should be consistent with the Ann Arbor Open philosophy.

  • All fundraising is voluntary but encouraged, confidential, non-competitive and approved by the FiFun committee and principals.