Field Trip and Enrichment Contributions


Enrichment programs—including field trips, performances, and demonstrations—are an integral part of Ann Arbor Open’s curriculum at every grade level. Prior to the pandemic, our community of kids, teachers, and parents all looked forward to these memorable experiences. Field trips may seem different this year compared to past years, but our commitment to student enrichment remains strong.

Teachers plan and organize all trips and programs for their students, with help from parents. The Ann Arbor Open Coordinating Council (AAOCC)—our school’s parent-teacher-student organization—fundraises each year in order to pay for these programs. To this end, we are asking each family to contribute $75 per child for the 2021-22 school year or whatever amount you can afford. If your family is able to give more than the requested amount, please consider doing so, as it will benefit other Ann Arbor Open families.

Because Ann Arbor Open seeks to promote a fair and inclusive environment, every child will have the opportunity to participate in every experience offered by their teacher regardless of their own family’s contribution.

Mitigating risk

Along with field trip adjustments, our community has banded together to find inventive ways to mitigate the risks of in-person school in a global pandemic, such as the bench project earlier this Fall that provided extra outdoor seating for our school. A portion of the funds that you donate will go towards the air purifiers that have been purchased for the school. The AAOCC will continue to brainstorm additional ways to extend outside learning and will use funds according to the approved budget.


Your enrichment contribution includes the cost of your child’s yearbook. Traditionally, the cost per yearbook is about $7. Please consider donating extra if you are able to do so and those extra funds will help provide yearbooks to other students. All children will receive one yearbook at the end of the year regardless of their family’s contribution.

If you have questions, please contact Tina Chen, Contributions Coordinator, at

NOTE: If permissions are given beyond current walking trips in the neighborhood, there may be another contribution request to cover additional costs such as busing.

(AAOCC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Please check with your tax accountant if your contribution is tax-deductible. Tax ID #38-3336334)