Finances & Fundraising (FiFun)

About FiFun

The AAOCC Finance and Fundraising Committee, or FiFun for short, manages AAOCC spending in order to further the educational goals of the school. The committee creates the AAOCC budget, oversees school-wide fundraising and field trip and enrichment contributions, manages allocation of funds according to school needs, and sets financial policy and procedures.

FiFun meets monthly. All Ann Arbor Open parents/guardians, staff, and students are welcome to attend. See the Home page for a calendar of scheduled events.

Where Does All the Money Go?

The biggest use of AAOCC funds is field trips. We also spend money on classroom materials, library books, Focus Study supplies, hospitality events (e.g., eighth-grade graduation, the Open House, greeting new parents, etc.), art and music programs, the Science Fair and Science Olympiad, the Open School Conference, teacher continuing education, parent education programs, and intramural sports. A small amount is used for AAOCC administrative costs (insurance, supplies, etc.).