Volunteer Guide

One important principle of open education is that parents and guardians are active participants in their children’s education, and are thus integral to the Ann Arbor Open environment. Our school is a community of students, teachers and parents working together and sharing ideas.

Parents at AAO are expected to take an active role in their child’s education. AAO asks that each family give at least 10 hours of volunteer time to the school--during school hours, at an after-school activity, or from home. When every family in the school donates just 10 hours each year, our school reaps benefits equal to two full-time staff members! In return, you gain the opportunity to share in this important part of your child’s life.

We realize that there are many demands on parents’ time. This is why we offer a volunteer opportunity to fit every schedule, no matter how busy you may be! Some tasks can be accomplished at home, some tasks require just a phone call (or two), and many tasks require service during a limited time (perhaps just a few weeks of the year).

Take a look at our online Volunteer Guide for specific suggestions about how you can help. If you are uncertain what a job entails or if it will fit into your schedule, please contact the chair of that committee, the Volunteer Coordinator, or one of the Ann Arbor Open Coordinating Council (AAOCC) officers. You can also ask your child’s teacher for ideas of how you can help at the school or in the classroom.

There are many ways for you to be involved in your child’s educational experience! Our goal is to help you find your niche – whether sharing a talent, helping in fundraising, running an event, or working with a committee. We have lots of different opportunities, and we welcome all to join in and have fun!