Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs (originally called the Parent-to-Parent Guide) were developed by AAO Parents to help new and continuing families.
Each section has a table of contents with the full list of questions but the descriptions below may help you navigate the FAQs.: 

Getting to & from school, after care, tardies & absences, What is the the Wednesday Packet, etc.

Drop Off & Parking:
How to navigate the school parking lots

During the Day
Sick policy, allergy policy, medicines, lunch,  visiting classrooms, etc. 

In the Classroom:
Curricular issues such as open philosophy, specials, focus studies, field trips, etc. 

Family Involvement:
What is the AAOCC, Volunteering, Fundraising, etc. 

People to contact with more questions

If you have any corrections or questions about these FAQs, please contact the AAOCC