Help Wanted

The Help Wanted is a weekly email that lists all the current volunteer needs in the Ann Arbor Open community.  For general volunteering questions or if you’re new to Ann Arbor Open and would like some help finding the right volunteer job for you, contact the AAO Volunteer Coordinator, Angie Watson (

Here are the current volunteer needs:

URGENT NEED!!! Silent Auction - November 22nd: We need about 100 parent volunteers for the night of the Silent Auction, November 22, 2019. One parent volunteer per family should do the trick. Scroll down and to the right on the Silent Auction Parent SA Event Volunteers sign up to sign up for the station of your choice.  We also need about fifty 7th and 8th grade student volunteers, who can sign up here for the station of their choice. 7th & 8th Grade Student SA Event Volunteers sign upIf you have questions, contact Clare Sansburn (

On-Call Interview Volunteers:  Are you interested in participating in interviews for open staff positions at Ann Arbor Open? Interviews are often scheduled on short notice (24-48 hours) and usually take place during the school day. Please fill out this form: (On-Call Interview Volunteers) if you would be interested in participating in future interviews.  Contact with questions.