Help Wanted

The Help Wanted is a weekly email that lists all the current volunteer needs in the Ann Arbor Open community.  For general volunteering questions or if youre new to Ann Arbor Open and would like some help finding the right volunteer job for you, contact the AAO Volunteer Coordinator, Angie Watson (

Multi-Cultural Fair Coordinator:  Mulit-Cultural Fair (December 20th) is one of the events that truly makes Ann Arbor Open unique.  Our long-time MCF coordinator is stepping down, so a volunteer is needed to organize this very special event.  There will be no food at MCF this year, so the job of organizing will be very manageable.  If you’d like to find out more information or would like to volunteer, contact Angie Watson (

Farm to School Tasting Day - 10/30:  Two or three volunteers are needed from 11:00am - 2:00pm on October 30th to hand out samples to students during all lunch periods.  The students will be tasting different types of apples. Please contact Chris Curtis ( if you are able to assist.

School Garden:  There is a small group of parents and staff who are interested in creating an additional School Garden, and they need more volunteers to help plan and execute their vision.  This group is separate from the playground committee, but efforts will be coordinated.  If you’re interested in joining the committee, contact Angie Watson (

Life Skills Room:  The Life Skills Room is the home to our school kitchen, which can be used by any classroom for special cooking projects or demonstrations.  One or two volunteers are needed to keep this room in good shape.  Thanks to some generous donations and a grant from AAOCC, there are many new supplies in the room.  Volunteers are needed to check the room once a week at their convenience and re-organize the shelves (should take about 10 minutes), and to check the pantry once a semester and purchase additional food supplies if needed.  If interested, contact Angie Watson (

Technical Help for AAOCC Meetings:  A committee is being formed to make the AAOCC meetings and information more inclusive and accessible to members of our school community who can’t attend the meetings in person.  Recording, streaming, and  podcasting are a few possible options being considered.  Anyone interested in helping to plan and implement a solution or anyone with knowledge of technology platforms that could be helpful should contact Elizabeth Lunning (

Safe Routes to Schools:  Volunteers are needed to serve on the Ann Arbor Open Safe Routes to Schools committee.  Meeting times will be determined based on committee members availability.  One volunteer is needed to facilitate the meetings.  For more information on the program, visit  To volunteer, contact Angie Watson (

Girls on the Run Site Coordinator:  Girls on the Run is a 10-week program, usually in the spring, when coaches meet with girls in grades 3-8 for discussions, activities, and running.  A site coordinator is needed beginning in October to serve as liaison to the Washtenaw County organization.  Coaches will be recruited at a later date for practice two days a week after school.  To volunteer, contact Angie Watson (